What Are Printed Fabrics

A print is a fabric that has colour applied to it in definite patterns or designs. The colour is fixed to the fabric as special pigments, dyestuffs, and processes are used to ensure that the colour is bonded to the fibres, and won’t wear or wash off. The textile printing process can be executed using a variety of methods including wood blocks, stencils, engraved plates, rollers, or silkscreens. However, the most common methods used for home furnishing fabrics are  screen-printing, roller, cylinder, or machine printing, and in more recent years, digital printing. 

Printing on fabric dates as far back as 220 BC where throughout Asia woodblocks were used to print text, images and patterns onto fabric.

Prints are a great way to bring pattern and design into an interior, and depending on the item, can be used in both curtaining and upholstery situations.

Uses For Printed Fabrics

For an eclectic style, use a variety of prints in combination – adorn living room windows with a large scale floral or leaf design, complimented by coordinating small prints on chairs and cushions creating a lively interior.

Alternatively, use a print as the standout feature of the room by upholstering a low contemporary sofa in a bold statement making animal printed velvet.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the possible combinations – it’s up to you to create the décor that reflects your style.

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