What Are Textured Fabrics

A textured fabric is an item that has both the feeling and appearance of depth, dimension, and tactility.

Characteristics Of Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics can have an organic dry matt appearance, especially when using natural fibres such as linen and cotton. But can also take on a luminous sheen when lurex or shiny yarns are employed to catch the light.

Fabric is woven on a loom combining warp and weft yarns perpendicularly. Texture can be added to a fabric through a few different techniques. Either by using textured yarns that already give you a textured look, by combining different types of yarns to create texture, or by incorporating slub yarns. Slub yarns have a very definite texture and often give an organic appearance as they mimic naturally occurring weaving irregularities such as cotton seeds in the yarn, or knots tied during the process of hand weaving.

Uses For Textured Fabrics

More Fabrics offer a broad variety of textured qualities ranging to plain designs, to large and eye-catching ornamental damasks, to stripes and tweeds. Textures work very well in upholstery situations, as the end user gets a tactile and dimensional sensation when lounging in a sofa or chair upholstered in a textured fabric. Textures are also a way to add interest to curtains or accessories, as the textured surface will bring an enhanced effect of dimension and life to the room.

Textured Fabrics

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