What Are Blackout Fabrics

A blackout fabric is a textile that has a special backing applied to the reverse side, and is used to create darkness inside a room. This backing functions to seal the reverse of the fabric completely blocking the light that could otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closed.

Characteristics of Blackout Fabrics

Popular for use in bedrooms, hotel rooms, and home cinemas, Blackout curtains will allow the room to be utilized for uninterrupted sleep or home entertainment. In addition to keeping out the light, blackout fabrics have sound absorption and insulation properties that will make any room feel as though it’s completely secluded from the outside world. Blackouts are ideal for families with small children as, even while the sun is shining, blackout curtains will emulate nighttime within a room aiding children (and parents) during naptime.

A blackout fabric typically has 3 layers of coating on the reverse to ensure total blackout, these layers are also referred to by the interior furnishing industry as ‘passes’. First a white layer, followed by a black layer, and sealed with a final white layer. The last white layer is flocked giving a soft handle and touch, also ensuring that the reverse of the fabric, when seen, is more aesthetically fitting with the majority of interior colour schemes.

Uses for Blackout Fabrics

Blackout fabrics can be used on their own as a decorative fabric, or as an additional lining. We recommend using blackout fabrics in combination with a variety of our products. For a chic and contemporary look, decorate windows with one of our sheers in order to filter out harsh UV light during the day, then draw stylish blackout curtains while watching the latest film to ensure total darkness for the full cinema experience. Or for the ultimate pairing, install luxurious blackout-lined curtains in your bedroom to allow for long and leisurely sleep-ins by preventing sunlight from interrupting a deep slumber.

While blackout fabrics are your ideal drapery choice, they are less suitable for upholstery or accessories.

Blackout Fabrics

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