What Are Dimout Fabrics

A key attribute of these fabrics is that they greatly reduce (or dim) the amount of light that is able to pass through the fabric and enter a room – hence the name ‘Dim-out’.

Characteristics Of Dimout Fabrics

Dim-out fabric is specially woven to ensure that the amount of light penetration is greatly diminished – typically by up to 90%. Using black warp yarns and a dense twill construction, light is unable to pass through the fabric. This black warp is totally encased by the weft yarns so that the black is not visible, and the desired face fabric colour can be achieved. Due to this construction, dim-outs have a heavier feel, which gives an interior a feeling of homely comfort, warmth, privacy and seclusion. This special construction also helps combat noise and cold temperatures, insulating your interior from the outside world.

Dim-Out fabrics can have a range of different surface appearances – from a subtle flat weave, to multicoloured textured styles, and stripes. It is possible to print on dim-outs too, providing endless opportunities for design and colour.

Uses For Dimout Fabrics

While dim-out fabrics can be used at the window on their own, we recommend using dim-outs in combination with other curtaining fabrics for a more modern and highly polished interior scheme. Dim-outs can be used in conjunction with one of More Fabric’s many sheers to enable the room to be made more private and dark as required. Dim-outs can also be added as a lining to one of our solid drapery fabrics, such as a cotton flat weave, to offer greater volume to the curtain, dimming ability, and sound absorption.

Dimout Fabrics

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