What Are Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidery is an old technique, traditionally the practice of decorating fabric with needle and thread by hand. A series of meticulous stitches are made using simple thread or decorative yarn to create a pattern that has a three dimensional feel. Designs can vary in intricacy from heavy elaborate brocade-like motifs, to fine and detailed needlework. Embroideries can be further adorned with additions such as beads and sequins, or further layers of fabric can be added and cut out in a specialized technique called appliqué.

Characteristics Of Embroidered Fabrics

Like the majority of the textile and manufacturing realms, industrialization made the production of embroidery faster, more affordable, and more accessible. Automation now means that embroideries are far less labor intensive as a machine will typically produce 60 meters of fabric per day, depending on the intricacy of the design. The embroidery base fabric is prepared and placed on an embroidery machine, much like a long sewing table, and held in place so that the multiple sewing heads can move simultaneously over the fabric to make the required stitches. Each sewing head contains 15 or more needles and moves at such a pace that is barely visible to the human eye. Today, most embroidery machines are guided digitally, cleverly translating the design into reality. Automated machines are even capable of special effects such as appliqué, where layers of fabric are added then removed in pieces revealing an intricate layered design. The unrequired fabric of the appliqué is burnt away with precision through the technique of laser cutting.

Uses For Embroidered Fabric

Embroidery items make for spectacular curtains and accessories that can inject as much drama into a room as you would like. Select one of More Fabric’s delicate embroidery patterns for an allover texture and relief to complement subtle and quiet interiors. Or one of our bold designs showcasing a striking colour pallet with densely filled ground. Add interest to your room with upmarket decorative cushions and pillows for the finishing touch and feeling of richness.

Embroidered Fabrics

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