What Are FR Fabrics

Fire Retardant (FR) fabrics, also commonly known as Flame Retardant fabrics, are textiles specially developed with properties that will not support the spread of flames. This means that they slow down any instance of fire, ensuring safer living environments. Fire retardant fabrics come in a variety of constructions, designs, and fabric types – right through from the lightest sheers to the heaviest upholsteries, and even more specialized products such as leather-looks.

FR Fabric Standards

At More Fabrics our FR qualities are inherently fire retardant meaning the Fire Retardant properties are imbedded in the DNA of the fibres. These fabrics are constantly and rigorously tested to measure how they combat the spread flames. A variety of FR tests exist to determine whether a fabric is fire retardant, each with a different process and set of requirements. Information on which FR tests a More Fabrics product passes are listed in the ‘FR Standards’ section at the bottom of each product page.

Uses For FR Fabric

Fire retardant fabrics can be used in any interior environment – from hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and public buildings, to the home.

Fire Retardant Fabrics

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