What Are Flat Weave Fabrics

A flat weave is a fabric without texture or an obvious surface relief. This doesn’t mean the fabric is plain and boring. The variety of flat weave fabrics available is vast as items can range from luxurious and glamorous satins, to dimensional and elegant taffetas, to more natural and casual items such as a brushed cotton, or homely linen.

Characteristics Of Flat Weave Fabrics

Fabric is woven on a loom combining warp and weft yarns perpendicularly. Interest and detail is added to a flat weave fabric through the types of yarns used, the way in which the fabric is constructed, and sometimes later through specialty finishing techniques such as brushing, chintz or calendar.

Uses For Flat Weave Fabrics

Flat weave fabrics are versatile, and depending on the article, can cover both your upholstery and drapery needs. Create voluminous and dramatic taffeta curtains that puddle on the floor for your living room windows. Offset this with a simple and elegant sofa upholstered in a more matt and heavy duty weave. Use satin to create glamorous accessories with added details such as piping and buttons….

The possible combinations are endless, so the key is to have fun and mix and match according to your style.

Flat Weave Fabrics

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