What Are Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are textiles that are specially engineered for outdoor use and constructed to last. These fabrics are inherently fade and mildew resistant due to their unique properties including colourfastness to light, durability, water and stain repellency. Not only are these fabrics colourfast to sunlight, but to chlorine and sea water as well, making them the ideal fabric for use next to your pool, patio, or at your beach-house. It is even possible to clean these fabrics using diluted bleach, meaning that you can keep these fabrics looking clean and fresh year after year. At More Fabrics we offer a 5 year limited warranty against fading on all fabrics marked suitable for Outdoor use.

Characteristics of Outdoor Fabrics

These fabrics hold their colour due to the special dyeing process used during preparation of the yarns referred to by the industry as ‘solution dyeing’. Pigments are injected directly into the fibres before the yarn is spun enabling the colour to penetrate right down to the yarn’s core. This process differs from normal dyeing or piece dyeing where the yarn or fabric are only dyed after production – resulting in much less colour penetration.

Uses For Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are easy to care for and comfortable to sit on making them ideal for a wide variety of scenarios both inside and outside. Use a selection of outdoor fabrics from More Fabrics for patio, pool, or garden furniture, for sun loungers, sun umbrellas, sun blinds, awnings, and boat covers…. and even for further decorative uses such as curtains, pillows, throws, cushions, and privacy screens, and upholstery.

Outdoor Fabrics

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