What Are Sheer Fabrics

A sheer is a translucent, light weight fabric providing both shade and privacy. Using a sheer at your window allows visibility to the outside, while visibility inwards from the exterior during daytime is obscured. This key attribute is why sheers are referred to as ‘privacy curtains’, and are a popular choice due to their excellent screening abilities. Historically, and still to this day, sheer curtains are also referred to as ‘Voile’s’ – a term borrowed from French, meaning ‘veil’.

Moreover, sheers safeguard your interior from the harsh effects of sunlight. By filtering UV rays, interior furnishings such as your flooring, furniture, and fabrics are prevented from fading.

Characteristics of Sheer Fabrics

Woven using fine yarn, the opaqueness and weight of a sheer can be measured by the denier of the yarn used, typically ranging from 20 – 100 Denier. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, sheers can feature stunning techniques achieved through jacquard weaving and a special hand crafted practices such as embroidery and clipping (Fil Coupé).

Uses for Sheer Fabrics

Sheers look refined and elegant when used on their own, but are even more effective when combined with a dim-out or sumptuous fabric heavier in weight. On double curtain tracks hang your sheer curtain to the window, and your chosen face fabric in front for ultimate luxury and versatility. Pull the sheers closed during the day to conceal your interior from the outside world while enjoying natural light…. then seclude yourself in the evenings by drawing heavy dim-out lined curtains to provide sumptuous warmth and complete privacy insulating your abode from the night.

Sheer Fabrics

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