What Are Suede Fabrics

At More Fabrics a suede (or suede-look) is a fabric that is manufactured to have the appearance of a leather with a soft brushed or napped finish. It is designed to mimic the look of regular suede - a leather product made from the undersides of animal skins. Sueded fabrics can be brushed and or sanded to get their soft surface appearance and the yarns used in manufacturing these fabrics are generally very fine – referred to as micro fibre yarns.

Characteristics Of Suede Fabrics

A suede-look typically has a defined "grain," so that rubbing the fabric in one direction yields a different texture and colour tone than rubbing it in another. Like our simulated leather products, a nearly endless array of styles and designs can be achieved due to the ability to add pattern and texture through emboss techniques. As well as the more traditional natural suede grain, exotic skin textures and designs can be emulated to give the fabric added interest and aesthetic impact.

Unlike real suede, our man-made suedes are an easy care and more robust option engineered to withstand the demands of everyday interiors and living situations. Man-made suedes have the advantage of increased liquid and stain resistance and are more resistant to crushing. They also appeal from an ethical point of view to customers who prefer a non-animal product.

Uses For Suede Fabrics

Suede fabrics are ideal for a range of upholstery uses, from stunning bedroom furniture such as headboards, chairs and footstools, to outstanding furniture for you living room such as deep contemporary sofas or elegant dining room chairs. Many of the suedes available at More Fabrics are suitable for drapery as well; use our suedes to create heavy and insulating eyelet curtains with a chic and contemporary look with a velvety soft touch.

Suede Fabrics

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