What Are Vinyl Fabrics

Leather-looks have risen in popularity in recent years as the ideal alternative to real leather due to their affordability, durability, and easy cleanability. As real leather is a natural hide, it is expensive and requires a greater amount of care and attention.

Characteristics Of Vinyl Fabrics

Due to the manufacturing process, leather-looks and vinyl’s offer wider flexibility when it comes to manipulating the design and texture of the product. Through innovative emboss and print techniques, almost anything is possible – from life-like natural leather grains to exotic crocodile, ostrich, or snake textures, to quilted, woven, multicoloured, and metallic effects. Extra finishing techniques such as tumbling can be added in the final stages to give the leathers a softer vintage and authentic feel.

Simulated leathers appeal from an ethical point of view to customers who prefer a non-animal product. Another key advantage of vinyl’s and leather looks is how easy to care for they are. This product can be easily wiped clean by simply using a damp cloth or sponge. More Fabrics recommend cleaning this product using lukewarm water with a mild alkaline free soap before rinsing again with clean water. Do not use harsh cleaning agents such as concentrated abrasive or solvent based products as this will damage the surface of the fabric. Unlike natural leather, wax or polish is not recommended nor is it required.

Uses For Vinyl Fabrics

Leather-looks are perfect for use not only as an alternative to your traditional leather sofa. This more decorative option can be used to upholster elegant bar stools, impressive wall panels, and deep corner sofas for a sophisticated highly finished look. Due to their robust quality this product is ideal for high traffic areas including commercial application in public spaces as well as in the home.

Vinyl Fabrics

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